Zevaco Dome: Neglected Historical Monument – Tour Guide

The Zevaco Dome, an underground passage located at United Nations Square. It stands as an architectural monument built in 1975 in Casablanca by French engineer Jean-François Zevaco. This monument once witnessed the city’s prosperous days, but those times have faded into history. Leaving behind lingering echoes of nostalgia for the ‘virtuous city’ of Casablanca in the minds of its inhabitants.

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Zevaco Dome Casablanca

Zevaco Casablanca Monument: An Architectural Landmark’s Neglected History

A historical figure once symbolized the essence of Casablanca’s economic hub, yet its significance has waned, succumbing to neglect and gradually slipping into obscurity. Over time, this once-attractive site for families seeking leisurely pastimes has sadly succumbed to prolonged abandonment due to a lack of archaeological care.

architectural landmarks casablanca

Plight of Architectural Landmarks in Casablanca

The prominent globe at the city center, once a magnet for families and tourists, now repels residents and visitors alike. Neglected and rusted, it faces the threat of extinction from the ground and erasure from the collective imagination of the city’s inhabitants.

underground passage United Nations casablanca

Association with Collective Historical Memory

The Zevaco Dome holds significance within Casablanca’s historical memory, accompanied by other architectural landmarks like the clock tower dating back to the pre-French protection era. Linked to memories of the Overseas and the United Nations square, previously known as France Square, it embodies engraved historical narratives..

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Decay of Historical Regions and Memories

The Place de France, once a bustling station facilitating transportation across Casablanca (During the 1930s), lost its historical allure due to shifting mindsets over the decades. What was once a vibrant region faded into obscurity, erasing its fragrant history in the wake of changing mentalities.

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Efforts to restore the famed dome began years ago but faced setbacks, leaving many disappointed. A project aimed at its rejuvenation, signed with the Kuwaiti company “Al Ajyal” Holding in 2016, envisioned revitalizing the globe and its surroundings to attract tourists and align with Casablanca’s rich historical and architectural heritage.

Restoration Efforts and Call for Tourism

Once designated for commercial activities, underground corridors have transformed into makeshift ‘public toilets,’ emanating unpleasant odors that disturb passersby. This situation has become a focal point for individuals seeking open-air toilets due to a crisis in available restroom facilities within the financial district.

Efforts were initiated by the responsible authorities years ago to refurbish the renowned dome. However, the work progress remains constrained, with intermittent workshops sparking hope among the population only to be marred by frequent interruptions, leading to recurring disappointment.

A project aiming to rejuvenate the ‘globe’ was initiated as per the agreement signed with Kuwaiti company ‘Al Ajyal’ Holding since 2016, allocating approximately 11 million dirhams. The objective is to revitalize the globe and its surroundings in a manner befitting Casablanca’s rich historical and architectural significance. The aim is to create an attraction for tourists and foster development, aligning with the city center’s historical and architectural richness.


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