Furniture Rental for Students in Morocco + Useful Tips

Students wishing to equip their apartment or owners preferring to rent their furnished accommodation can now rent furniture and appliances instead of buying everything. In this service, everything is included, with the delivery, installation and recovery of the furniture at the end of the contract, the tenant has nothing to do, simply to settle down and enjoy his apartment with the furniture of his choice. The rental period can range from 1 to 48 months.

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You can compose yourself your “custom pack” or choice between this packs:


Living room Packs & bedroom unit – From 1850,00 dhs per months

Studio bedroom Furniture Rental

Kitchen packs – From 200,00 dhs per months

kitchen Furniture Rental

Survival Kit – From 400,00 dhs per months

Rental  Table
Chair rental
Desks rental
Armchairs rental
Sofas rental
Beds rental
Chest of drawers rental
Chest of drawers
Lighting rental

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Table – Chair – Desks – Armchairs – Sofas – Beds – Chest of drawers – Lighting ….

The rental of student furniture is on the rise.

Since it is more and more common not to own one’s means of transport, why not also rent one’s furniture? The idea is attractive, especially for students who save themselves the chore of moving.

Since this academic year, this service is offered in Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Marrakesh, Fes, Mohammedia, Chefchaouen, Bouznika,Meknes, Merzouga, Dakhla, Tiznit, Agadir Massira, Tetouan,   Assilah,  Essaouira,  Taroudante, Larache, Mazagan e.

Rental student furniture offers furniture packs for studios and 2 rooms, from 5 $ per month.

The concept is the same for foreign students or passing for a few months. “It’s a real mobility service,” says Duforest. The first prize is also from 5 euros per month (over 24 months) but in fact the average rental period is 9 months.

Long-term internships, professional assignments, Erasmus programs, students and young workers can be moved to a city for a few months. we offers the most suitable solution to equip at a lower cost with ease, without moving.

Rental of furniture for students, young professionals or professionals on the move

The rental period can range from 1 to 48 months. U

The after-sale service makes it possible to anticipate and answer any requests of the customers.

The service is suitable either for the student or the young worker who leaves his city for a short period.

The furniture rental solution is also for people who move into an apartment but can not afford to buy furniture. They can then adopt for the student furniture rental solution allowing them to enjoy the property while spreading the payment of their future furniture.

An offer adapted to different profiles:

Our partner offers various offers to meet various requests and varied. The “Studio Pack” includes a sofa bed, a coffee table, a desk, an office chair, a microwave.

The different packs meet the needs of the student target.

If the user does not find his happiness among these offers, he can compose himself his “custom pack” by choosing from 100 references available ranging from the library, the coffee table, the cupboard, the tables , hotplates, televisions, washing machines and even stereo systems.

For all your requests for information or assistance concerning your stay in Morocco or any other information, please fill this form:


“With the rental of student furniture, leave as you arrived, in complete freedom …”

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Walid Ziad Benzouina

Greetings, my name is Walid Benzouina, I’m a young businessman interested in renting furniture for a hotel in Marrakech, can your association provide this service for the long term, if yes. I would like to schedule a meeting sometime next week. Let’s fix a schedule where both parties are available. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Meeting will be held in Casablanca

Yours truly,


February 13, 2022 at 8:12 pm

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