Pastry Bakery Amoud catalog price 2023

Find in this article the prices charged by the Amoud house as well as the 2023 price catalog of the various French and international Moroccan cakes and pastries.

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A brief history of the brand:

The term “AMOUD” means “seed” in the Amazigh Berber language.

  • 1982 is the opening of the first AMOUD store in the Belvédère Casablanca district to offer refined and lighter pastries.
  • 1999 2nd shop in the Anfa district.
  • 2006 the opening in the Ain Sebaa district of the boutique restaurant and the Atelier Gourmand.
  • 2007 4th store in Mohammedia.
  • 2008 5th store in California luxury neighborhood in Casablanca.
  • 2011 6th store in Marrakech.2013 7th store in Rabat Agdal.
  • 2014 8th store in the CIL district in Casablanca.

Tariff and Price Maison Amoud:

It should be noted first of all that the prices set by the AMOUD brand are much more prices bordering on European standards far from purely Moroccan prices. But the quality and taste is distinctly refined. You are far from the low prices charged by local bakeries.

To do this, you have to count around 200 Dhs for a platter of sweets a little less than 20€. The entremets of 8 to 10 parts, the prices are between 150 Dhs and 350 Dhs or approximately between 15€ and 35€. For individual pastries, they cost between 15 to 30 Dhs per share or 1.5€ to 3€.

What do they offer at AMOUD Bakery pastry?

The bakery-patisserie AMOUD offers a diversified and very varied offer of delicacies with a sweet and savory menu of Moroccan, French and international cuisine. They offer you traditional Moroccan cakes but also pastries such as lemon pie, black forest, macaroons, birthday cake, wedding cake and even cheesecakes*.

– Pastry cakes, tarts and classic entremets namely Opera, Cabbage, Fruit tarts, Financiers, Black Forest…

Macarons avec les fameux saveurs originales de la maison comme la réglisse ou encore saveur corne de gazelle…

– Traditional Moroccan and oriental pastries such as gazelle horns, Mhencha…

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– Savory petit fours, namely mini pastillas, spring rolls, briouates, Moroccan-style stuffed mini batbouts… (Batbout is a traditional bread that can be eaten on its own or stuffed with minced meat and others). – Traditional Moroccan pancakes called Mssemen, Harcha, Melloui … – Pastries for breakfast or snack.

– Quality chocolates.

We believe that most of these pastries and cakes are alsbouo presented in mini format. thus taste several different kinds and flavors. You can buy trays that are already lined with a set of assorted cakes or petit fours.

* Cheesecake is not really a French cake but rather an American one

Does Amoud Bakery pastry offer quality chocolates as well?

Yes, Amoud Bakery pastry also offers quality chocolates as part of their product selection.

Are there options for purchasing assortments of pastries?

Yes, you can purchase trays that come with a variety of assorted cakes or petit fours, allowing you to taste different kinds and flavors in one package.

Does Amoud Bakery pastry offer savory options as well? A8:

Yes, Amoud Bakery pastry offers savory petit fours such as mini pastillas, spring rolls, briouates, Moroccan-style stuffed mini batbouts, as well as traditional Moroccan pancakes like Mssemen, Harcha, Melloui. They also have pastries suitable for breakfast or snacks.

What are some examples of traditional Moroccan and oriental pastries available at Amoud Bakery pastry?

Amoud Bakery pastry offers traditional Moroccan and oriental pastries such as gazelle horns, Mhencha, and other delicacies.

What type of delicacies does Amoud Bakery pastryAmoud Bakery pastry offer?

Amoud Bakery pastry offers a diverse range of delicacies including Moroccan, French, and international cuisine. Their menu consists of sweet and savory items such as traditional Moroccan cakes, lemon pie, black forest cake, macarons, birthday cake, wedding cake, cheesecakes, pastry cakes, tarts, classic entremets (such as Opera and Fruit tarts), financiers, black forest, macarons, and more.

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