Working living or moving in Morocco pros and cons

The sun, the sweetness of life, to find family or friends … Morocco has no shortage of assets. More and more foreigners are tempted to go to work. Live or moving in Morocco for a short or long stay and also for studies. So, how to explain this enthusiasm and what advice can we give to future workers, tourists or expatriates in Morocco?. If settling in this country is part of your projects and your desires. Here is all the useful information to know.

Is it easy to move or live in Morocco?

To make it easier to settle in Morocco, you have to do it in advance. Up to six months before your departure. The preparation that will be made upstream will condition the success of this trip. Certain procedures can begin to be done by internet and in particular all that relates to the various administrative procedures.
In this regard, pay attention to the various information that can circulate on the internet and which is not always updated. A whole community of expatriates and tourists of different nationalities now exists around Facebook groups. For English speakers living in Morocco it is with pleasure that everyone helps each other. In order to facilitate the arrival of newcomers to the Kingdom.

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Administrative procedures for a life in Morocco

If you wish to live for several months or years in Morocco, the Moroccan resident card (national identity card) is necessary. It will be useful for all your steps since it serves as proof of identity. To obtain it, you must request it from the police headquarters or the royal gendarmerie brigade in your constituency. The first residence permit will be valid for one year, renewable. It must be renewed each year for the first three years. After the third year, it is possible to obtain a ten-year residence permit.

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Working conditions

Within a maximum of fifteen days after your arrival, you must register with the foreigners office of the police station of the Moroccan province where you settle. The minimum wage increases every year thanks to the country’s economic growth. The average salary is around 6000 dirhams per month (around 560 euros) in the public sector, but a senior manager can earn twice as much. The telecommunications and Call Center sector is a major provider of jobs, as are tourism, trade and mass distribution. Skilled foreign workers can quickly get positions of responsibility.

Schooling your children in Morocco

Looking For schooling in Morocco. Two solutions exist: the establishments of the AEFE (Agency for French education abroad) and the OSUI (Office of university and international education), and the approved Moroccan private establishments which follow a Education in accordance with the French curriculum. Seven private schools located in Casablanca have the approval of the French Ministry of National Education. Three of them welcome children of the Jewish faith, and one is a Moroccan school where French-speaking students who have not been received in other establishments can enroll. There are also bilingual French-Moroccan schools. There are also missions from Spanish, Belgian, Saudi and American high schools and colleges.

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Insights for Expats and Retirees

Living in Morocco offers a myriad of opportunities and considerations. As an expat contemplating relocating or retiring in this culturally rich land, understanding the pros and cons is crucial. The benefits of living in Morocco span from its affordable cost of living to its enchanting landscapes, attracting expats seeking a unique lifestyle. However, contemplating such a move involves weighing aspects like living conditions, the cost of living as compared to other countries like the UK, and navigating the residency process. Expats in bustling cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech find a vibrant community, yet the experience can differ for an American or a foreigner adjusting to Moroccan life.

The allure of retiring in Morocco often intertwines with questions about quality healthcare and whether Morocco indeed offers a comfortable environment for retirees. Deciding to live in Morocco as an expatriate involves understanding the nuances of daily life, considering factors like housing, cultural integration, and career opportunities. The charm of Morocco’s diverse landscape and the warmth of its people are part of the appeal, but making an informed decision about relocating or retiring in this captivating country requires thorough consideration of both the advantages and challenges it presents.

Living in Morocco pros & cons

This sunny country is only two hours by plane from France. The cost of living is much more accessible there. Very culturally rich, it has an immense historical heritage. Ancestral know-how, Moroccan crafts, gastronomy are preserved traditions. Morocco has many sites listed as UNESCO cultural heritage. Another advantage and not the least: a French retiree can have health coverage as part of his French retirement, thanks to an agreement dating from 2007.

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