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Moroccan Bread leads Richard Bertinet Britain chef to discover the kingdom of Morocco traditions

There are many ways to learn about other cultures, but the British chef Richard Bertinet chose a unique way to get to know Morocco and its culture. He decided to tour several Moroccan cities to discover how bread is made and how it is different or similar from one place to another, as part of strengthening cultural ties and exchanges between the United Kingdom And the Kingdom of Morocco.

Richard Bertinet Morocco
Chef Richard Bertinet discover kingdom of Morocco

The visit of Morocco, the chief baker, Richard Bertinet, to Morocco began on February 16 and will continue until 22 of it, to “discover the rich culture and traditions of the Kingdom” and to share his passion for bread; so he visited the remote areas of Marrakech to see traditional cooking and participate in the cooking process in clay ovens using wood .

He will also visit Richard Bertinet “Education for All housing” and give a training course for girls, in addition to exchanging baking techniques in the centers of the “Yves Branson” Foundation.

Richard Bertinet Morocco
Chef Richard Bertinet discover kingdom of Morocco

Richard said: “I am very happy to visit Morocco. Ten years ago, when I first visited Marrakech, I had the opportunity to visit a local bakery, and since then I wanted to return to baking bread with local bakers. I am pleased to have the opportunity to discover the rich culture and traditions of Morocco in addition to The natural beauty of the country, and I have the opportunity to meet Moroccans from all backgrounds and share my passion for baking with them. I am especially looking forward to sharing some of the wonderful dishes and pastries currently in the UK. ”

Thomas Riley, the UK’s accredited ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, said: “I am delighted to welcome Bertinet in Morocco, and I am very happy to be able to take him to some of the most beautiful places in the Kingdom. I love making bread. It is an art and charm in itself.”

“The fact that the UK is home to talents like Bertinet is a very clear and clear indication of the diversity and richness of the country’s culinary show. I am delighted to share his knowledge and expertise here in Morocco, and to take advantage of his presence to help charities such as Education for All and the Eve Branson Foundation. I am sure that In turn, he will enrich me with experience, and he will return to the UK with some traditional Moroccan bread making techniques that we will bring together. ”

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