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Pastry robot Edison Mixer Kneading 7L Chrome Turquoise


  • 1800w ultra-powerful direct drive motor
    6 Speeds + TURBO Function
    Automatic timer and smart digital screen
    Large capacity of 7L
  • High performance planetary rotation movement
    Blue LED light
    Security locking system
    Non-slip feet for perfect stability
    3 accessories supplied


Edyson Robot Patissier Pétrin Digital 7L (Color Turquoise / Brushed Chrome)

Succeed in all your culinary preparations like a professional with the Edyson Digital Pastry Robot.

Design, ultra-efficient and robust thanks to its metal body, it is very stable and silent.

【Ultra-powerful 1800w motor with direct transmission】 Its 1800W motor overcomes the thickest or sticky preparations and finishes the power losses between the motor and the accessories thanks to its direct transmission. The direct transmission guarantees quality and robustness. In addition, it considerably reduces energy consumption.

【6 Speeds + TURBO Function】 Each operation requires its own speed. This is why this robot offers 6 power levels – 1 to 3 is optimal for kneading and 4 to 6 for mixing and whipping the mass. The pulsed function is ideal for mounting the egg whites.

【Automatic Digital Timer】 Because baking is a matter of precision, this robot, thanks to its timer with digital display of time and speed, allows you to make your preparations to perfection.

【Smart digital screen】 【Large capacity of 7L】

【High performance Planetary Rotation Movement】 The mixer has a planetary mixer system. The mixer elements rotate around their own axis and simultaneously along the edge of the bowl. The dough is therefore constantly pushed into the middle and optimally mixed.

【Blue LED light】 Once lit, a blue light surrounds the buttons. Both design and operational.

【Safety locking system】 【Non-slip feet for perfect stability】

【3 accessories provided】 The mixing hook ensures uniform mixing of the dough, the kneading hook is perfect for bread dough and the whisk is good for foam.

Edyson started to shake up the home appliance world. Amateur cooks have since been delighted by this mix of quality materials and modern design.

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