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Moroccan supermarket shopping Buy Grocery online & Gourmet Food

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Online supermarket shopping

Tired of queuing at supermarkets? Happily on Morocco closer the grocery shopping home services are simple. The Delivery delay in classic version is in 48h or express in 24h. You can order on our store by clicking below or you can make us a list and ask us to buy from Marjane Carrefour … or your neighborhood shop to shopping for you Grocery Gourmet Food Flowers …. Our grocery supermarket online in Morocco offers products for your shopping online quickly without stress.

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Supermarket grocery morocco online

Payment is made on delivery or online by PayPal credit card or transfer with US dollar, euro, British pound or Moroccan Dirham

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Online grocery shopping How it works

Grocery Morocco delivered anywhere in Morocco

No more going to pick up at your super or hypermarket, going to look for a shopping cart, strolling around the shelves with difficulty because of the world and waiting at your till.

Grocery Morocco Closer offers delivery to your home, office and wherever you want. We deliver your shopping list among the many references and products available on the large surfaces of supermarkets and Moroccan grocers. In addition, you benefit from the same prices offered by Marjane, Carrefour, Bim, Acima, LabelleVie and other brands. You also benefit from regular promotions and bonus loyalty gifts.

Your online supermarket in Morocco allows you to choose from the main major distribution brands in Morocco. Find out which areas are served, delivery times and the most attractive prices. Take advantage of discounts that will allow you to get a discount when you order for the first time and free delivery.

Fast delivery cheap or free shipping

No more water packs to mount on four floors and Saturdays lost in the shelves … Certainly, ordering your groceries on Supemarché Morocco closer has advantages at cheap prices. The delivery price is well studied and free for orders over 150.

The condition of items left at your door is the same when purchased. Glass bottles, yogurts and other packaged products arrive intact, bananas, salads and tomatoes delivered in good condition. Minced meat steaks are purchased directly from butchers. Frozen products still frozen – the dough of your fresh pizza

What can be found in your online supermarket

Take advantage of our supermarket where you will be able to do your shopping online via a telephone, whatsapp or a computer simply from the comfort of your chair, delivered during the day and of course, at the best prices.


Coffee, tea and cocoa

  •    Coffee
  •      Tea
  •      Cocoa
  •      Coffee substitutes

Coffee Tea Cocoa Coffee substitutes

Bottled Beverages, Mixed Water and Beverages

  • Cocktail mixers
  •      Milk substitutes
  •      Milk and cream
  •      Juice
  •      Flavor syrups
  •      Water
  •      Soft drinks
  •      Energy drinks

Soft drink Water Soda Juice Milk

Household cleaning

Cleaning tools


  •      Scanning
  •      brushes
  •      squeegees
  •      sponges
  •      cloths
  •      Wiping
  •      Dusting

Bathroom Cleaners

  • Soap foam solvents
  •      Toilet cleaners
  •      Bathroom cleaners

Kitchen cleaners

  • Dishwashers and garbage cleaners
  •      Versatile surface cleaners
  •      Stainless steel surface cleaners
  •      Polishing and cleaners

Other cleaners

  • Carpet cleaners and air fresheners
  • Upholstered furniture cleaners
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • All purpose cleaners
  • Floor cleaners  
  • Leather cleaners and conditioners
  • Paper napkins
  • Polished Wood & Maintenance
  • Glass cleaners
  • Wood varnish
  • Metallic polishes

Cooking and baking

Syrups, Sugars & Sweeteners

  • Honey
  •   Nectar and agave syrup
  •   treacle

     Flours and meals
     Frosting, frosting and decorations
     Cooking oils, vinegars and sprays
     Baked Chocolates, Carob & Cocoa
     Walnut seeds
     Sugar substitutes
     Dessert Syrups and sauces
     Fruits and raisins
     Cooking mixes
     Extracts & Aromas
     Pudding and gelatin
     Coconut flakes
     Dried seaweed and nori
     Pasta, shellfish and crusts
     Breadcrumbs and coverings

     Paper and plastic
     Food cupboard
     Candy and chocolate
     Herbs, spices and seasonings
     Cleaning tools
     Condiments and salad dressings
     Canned, jarred and packaged food
     Sweet jams, jellies and spreads
     Lighters and matches
     Dried beans, cereals and rice
     Household products
     Fresh flowers and plants

Idée Cadeau Trouvez le cadeau original Click Gift Idea Find the original gift - Express delivery from Morocco to the world توصيل سريع
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