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Rice Basmati Marahani 1KG


  • Marahani long rice
  • Indian rice
  • 1KG
  • Brand Basmati

مجموعة من الأرز طويل الحبة ، يُدعى أيضًا الأرز الهندي


Basmati rice is a group of long grain rice, also called Indian rice,
Cultivation of this species takes a long time, around 130 days. Therefore, its price is considered high compared to other types of rice,
Basmati rice is a tradition of South Asia,
This is why it is widely cultivated in India and Pakistan where the locals do not know the traditional ordinary rice,
The grains of this type of rice are cylindrical in shape,
Its length is about 1 centimeter,
This rice is very popular due to its low calories compared to other types of rice, since it gives each 100 grams about 120 calories.
It has a delicious flavor which makes it better than regular rice
It is considered a royal rice, because of its wonderful shape, with its long grain which is visible to the eye, with a grain of grain.

أرز بسمتي هو مجموعة من الأرز طويل الحبة ، يُدعى أيضًا الأرز الهندي ،
تستغرق زراعة هذا النوع وقتًا طويلاً ، حوالي 130 يومًا. لذلك ، يعتبر سعره مرتفعًا مقارنة بأنواع الأرز الأخرى

له نكهة لذيذة تجعله أفضل من الأرز العادي ،

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