50 pieces wall stickers – Moroccan zellige tiles multicolor


  • 50 wall stickers in the form of Moroccan zellige tiles,

  • Stick to walls, furniture or even windows,

  • for your kitchen or your bathroom,

  • Thickness: 0.1mm
    Removable: yes can be removed without trace
    Waterproof: yes
    Water washable: yes
    Solvent resistance: yes
    Toxic: no
    Odor: none
    Type of adhesive: acrylic glue
    Temperature resistance: -40 to 85°C
  • Pattern: Moroccan Mosaic pattern 1
    Country of production: Germany
    Size (Length x Width x Height cm): 10X10
    Weight (kg): 1
    Color: multicolor
  • Main material: adhesives


 قطعة 50 ملصقات جدارية – بلاط زليج مغربي متعدد الألوان

Our Moroccan Zellige Tiles Multicolor Wall Stickers offer a unique and exotic touch to your home decor. With 50 pieces included in each set, these high-quality vinyl stickers are perfect for transforming any room into a vibrant and colorful space.

These wall stickers are designed with intricate patterns and geometrical shapes, inspired by the traditional Moroccan zellige tiles. The multicolor design adds a playful and lively touch to any space, creating a focal point on your walls that will surely impress your guests.

Applying and removing these wall stickers is incredibly easy and hassle-free. They are made of high-quality vinyl that can be applied to any smooth surface, and they won’t leave any residue when removed. You can even reposition them multiple times until you find the perfect placement.

One of the key benefits of these wall stickers is that they are highly versatile. You can use them to decorate any room in your home, including your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or even your workspace. They are also water-resistant, making them perfect for humid areas such as your bathroom or kitchen.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these wall stickers are also highly practical. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they are long-lasting, ensuring that they will keep brightening up your walls for years to come.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add a pop of color and style to your home decor, our Moroccan Zellige Tiles Multicolor Wall Stickers are the perfect choice. Don’t wait any longer, add these vibrant and lively wall stickers to your collection today!

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