Forbes selects photos of Chefchaouen the best on Instagram

Review chefchaouen blue pearl

After rating its most charming alleys in the world, the American magazine “Forbes” chose photos of the “Blue Pearl” houses, Chefchaouen, among the list of the best photos taken by tourists, and was published on the social networking site “Instagram”.

The American magazine described the Moroccan city as “a combination of beauty and fascination, and the admiration it received from social networking activists in the world, who shared it widely, especially on” Instagram.

instagram chefchaouen blue pearl

The images that Chefchaouen ranked first in the aforementioned American magazine included the facades of the houses and shops, decorated in blue, vases and green plants from various sides, in a way that prompted many Instagram leaders to share and trade them.

The magazine itself highlighted that a number of tourists from different regions of the world are beginning to go to Chefchaouen in order to take pictures of it, due to its distinctive mountainous scenery and blue-painted buildings blue and historical monuments.

the blue pearl shop

“Chefchaouen” or “Chaouen” took from the arms of the Rif mountains on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and close to the Atlantic Ocean, as a home for her, to paint a magical painting in blue color and picturesque nature, and she chose to weave a dress and wear it, in which the colors of the sky and the surrounding waterfalls were mixed, so they were reflected With all its blue on the land of this small city located between the mountains.

chefchaouen blue pearl

The blue color of “Chaouen” is not known to his secret many, as there are many accounts of it, including that when the Jews lived in the town after their displacement from Spain as a result of acts of ethnic and religious cleansing against non-Christians, they began to paint their homes in blue, and then they continued to paint all their properties in this color later; Believing that it is the color closest to the color of the sky, and that this will remind them of God.

instagram chefchaouen shop

It is not the first time that Chefchaouen sits on the list and tourist reviews of the most charming and attractive cities, as its alleys were previously classified as the most charming in the world, and the city’s alleys were chosen among the most beautiful by the American CNN.

instagram chefchaouen blue pearl

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