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Teeth whitening with Parodex charcoal


  • Natural and effective
    Removes stains from Coffee, Wine, Nicotine, Tea, etc.
    Removes dental plaques and yellow teeth.
    Antibacterial Strengthens the oral flora, detoxifies and Refreshes Breath
    Volume: 50G


Parodex Teeth whitening with vegetable charcoal -TEETH WHITENING

Teeth whitening with special vegetable charcoal teeth whitening – 100% natural teeth whitening

We recommend that you use vegetable charcoal only once or twice a week, in addition to regular regular brushing (twice a day for a minimum of two minutes).

Powdered charcoal is passed over the teeth using a wet toothbrush. You can simply dip the head of your toothbrush in the jar of activated charcoal for the teeth or open a capsule above the brush if your charcoal is in this form. Be careful not to get dirty during this maneuver, the carbon particles are very volatile and their black color does not go unnoticed!

Brossage des dents au charbon

Just put a small amount of charcoal on the toothbrush and pass it over the teeth

It is not necessary to add toothpaste but brushing should be done as you usually do, on each side of the teeth, trying to not forget any nook. After two minutes of brushing, rinse your mouth thoroughly, until the black charcoal color has disappeared from your mouth.

To whiten your teeth with charcoal we recommend using a different brush than the one you usually use to avoid stains. PARODEX

you can also use charcoal without scrubbing. Then simply place it on your teeth with a cotton swab and wait two minutes, then rinse your mouth. The results are obviously less effective but you will avoid the abrasive action of carbon brushing.

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