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Anti-âge Anti-ride & Blanchissant Parodex Sérum C faciale 30ML


  • 100% NATURAL 30ML
    Vitamin C – Collagen
    E hyaluronic acid
    Erase scars / wrinkles / spots / signs of aging
    Active anti-aging supplement
    Perfect base for makeup


Parodex Anti-wrinkle & Whitening Anti-Aging Facial Serum 30ML

The ingredients used in this facial serum have been used for centuries to achieve natural and healthy skin. But it is only now that we have finally brought all of these unique ingredients in a perfect little bottle. Our C PARODEX serum is currently one of the bestsellers and takes place on social media. Customers call it “A miracle in a bottle” .. Due to its high quality ingredients and incredible formulation, this product is much more expensive than other products on the market. You pay a Premium price for a quality product.

After doing a lot of research and spending months in a laboratory with a few skin doctors and estheticians, we finally created and developed an advanced, very high quality serum that has been proven to work wonders for your skin. We have managed to add the exact amount of ingredients including Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid and collagen to maximize the effect. Each ingredient has just the right amount to complement the other ingredients that make them work together as a team and do wonders.

This product is 100% natural. It has never been tested on animals, it does not contain fatty oils and to complete it, it has a nice Rosewater scent!

Prepare to discover remarkable results from our Skinkissed Serum. Ultimately, healthy, naturally glowing skin is in your hands. This Parodex product should be included in your daily lifestyle forever, this product is not just a one-time quick fix. Daily use of this product will leave your skin much better and prevent any damaged skin in the future.

A MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE – ACHIEVING FAULTY & LIGHTENING SKIN – A powerful blend of natural ingredients to help achieve natural, healthy skin. Plum hyaluronic acid and hydrates dry and dull skin, while removing acne scars and skin ready for healing.
EXPECTED RESULTS ON THE INTERNET – A supreme active anti-aging serum that manufactures, hydrates and rejuvenates with a highly effective concentration of ingredients. Removal of wrinkles and signs of aging.
RECENSIONI PRESEN OVUNQUE NEL WEB – An excellent Siero anti task ferma i segni del tempo, idrata e ringiovanisce la shelle grazie ad un’alta concentrazione di Ingredienti magnifici. Il siero Skinkissed aiuta la rimozione di rughe e segni del tempo.
THE NEW BEST LOVE FOR YOUR SKIN – This Serum C has been designed to leave your Skin instantly, smoother and tighter. The much-loved serum helps improve, repair and smooth sensitive, dry or ripe skin and the radiance of flare-ups.
This product has never been tested on animals and is humane. The product contains quality and natural ingredients, including vitamin C ++ hyaluronic acid collagen. Manufactured according to standards.

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