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Black Axe Deodorant 2x150ml + Signature Antiperspirant 150ml


  • A high-end perfume deodorant for men, to smell good all day long
  • An energizing scent
  • Shake, turn and spray directly under your armpits and on your chest
  • Capacity: 3x150ml
  • Brand: Axe


Antiperspirants limit perspiration and eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odors. Antiperspirant woman or antiperspirant man, they exist in many formats (antiperspirant ball, spray, stick) and for all skin types. It follows you everywhere, ensuring you a foolproof hold all day long. Deodorant is a must in your bathroom with its unique effectiveness. Natural undertaking the wake of your favorite perfume, the deodorant is in total agreement with your skin. JUMIA has put together the most effective deodorants. Because what makes a man attractive is above all his own style. This is where the AX brand signature comes from: Find Your Magic, reveals what makes you unique. AX deodorants have a sensual fragrance, sophisticated notes, and allow you to stay fresh and smell good even during daily heat stroke. Let yourself be intoxicated by their subtle and irresistible scents. You are now fresh and indomitable for the whole day.

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