Growth Milk 400g Nestle Nido 1+


  • Growth Milk
  • Powder
  • 400g
  • Brand: Nestle Nido 1+
  • Click for 1.2 kg Nido 1+


A healthy intestinal flora is the first barrier of immune defense in children. NIDO 1+ is the only growth milk which contains vitamins, minerals, LACTOBACILLUS PROTECTUS (probiotics) as well as Prebio 1 which is an exclusive blend of fibers (prebiotics) developed by Nestlé. NIDO 1+ has been designed to help strengthen your child’s immune system.

Benefit: To meet specific nutritional needs from 1 year

Tip: To maintain the effectiveness of probiotics, do not add NIDO1 + to hot water above 40 ° C

Method of preparation: 1. Pour 210 ml of water into the cup. Use room temperature or warm mineral water, or pre-boiled and cooled tap water. 2. Add 7 leveled NIDO 1+ scoops to the water. Add 1 scoop (5g) for each 30 ml added. 3. Shake until the powder is completely dissolved.

Ingredients: skim milk, corn syrup, sugar, vegetable oils, lactic fat, palm olein, oligofructose, inulin, calcium carbonate, soy lecithin, vitamins, taurine, ferrous sulfate, culture of L. Paracasei, vanillin, sulfate of zinc


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