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Chia seeds 250g to lose weight To deep sleep To moisturize the skin ….


  • Help lose weight
    Moisturize the skin
    Are good for the heart
    Facilitate transit
    Strengthen bones and teeth
    Promote sleep
    Prevent certain cancers
    Are excellent for the brain
    Prevent diabetes
    Bring better endurance
    Weight (kg): 0.25


Do you know about chia seeds?

These are small seeds native to Mexico, which have many virtues. This staple food of the Aztecs would notably allow us to stay healthy. We tell you everything.

Chia seeds are widely used in Latin America. In Europe, a little less. Yet the benefits of these seeds are significant. We have selected ten for you. After reading this article, you will go get some.

Click to view The 10 Benefits of Chia Seeds



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