Moroccans mock “Corona” the virus opens borders with Algeria

Hispress from Rabat

The severity of the measures taken by the authorities at the border level to besiege the Corona virus is not matched by the same vigilance of many Moroccans, as social media sites are cynical about the possibility of entering the dangerous virus into the Kingdom, through the publication of sarcastic “videos” or “posts”.

In contrast to the countries that reached “Corona”, Moroccan pages on Facebook “published” lyrical “video clips” performed by young children, tackled the issue of the virus sarcastically, and tried to create terror among Moroccans, as comments interacted with him in reverse, and did not hesitate In sharing it very widely.

The Moroccan community living in Italy was not spared the wave of ridicule, as the joke about the “Chinese virus” continued, and audio clips “said” to Moroccans in Italy, caught the attention of widespread pages, in which they appeared with known silences, as well as some of them spoke about the virus without knowledge.

And when the virus reached the eastern neighbor Algeria, many pages on social networking sites considered that the matter was promising for relief and the opening of the borders between the two countries, in a sarcastic comment, which was shared by people from both countries, indicating that Algeria and Morocco only change what is harmful to each other Some.

On social media websites, I also saw pictures showing Morocco, such as an isolated island in the Mediterranean region, where all countries were infected, with the exception of this, which according to the pages requires measures to prevent entry of European citizens to the country, in a joking reference to the strict measures facing Moroccans’ desire to travel to Europe.

As of the writing of these lines, the Moroccan Ministry of Health has not announced any confirmed infection with the virus, but it has monitored 15 possible cases of the epidemic, highlighting that all “cases confirmed after conducting the analyzes that they do not contain any virus, which makes Morocco free from this dangerous epidemic.”

On the other hand, after the Algerian and Spanish authorities announced yesterday, Tuesday, that they had confirmed confirmed HIV infections in the country, Moroccan activists launched a campaign on social media sites calling on citizens to raise levels of caution and caution by visiting a doctor and avoiding shaking hands with anyone who might be infected with this disease because “the matter Related to a deadly virus. “

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