Can the Moroccan health system face the threat of the Corona virus?

Hispress from Rabat

Faced with the increase in the number of cases suspected of being infected with the Corona virus in Morocco to 19 cases, Moroccan human rights activists warned of the danger of getting out of control, especially in light of what they considered “a shortage of medical staff and equipment devoted to facing this epidemic.”

In its latest data, the Ministry of Health confirmed that the laboratory analyzes of which the suspected cases were subjected indicated that they were all “free of the virus.”

The presence of cases infected with “Corona” virus in the countries neighboring Morocco has opened a door to rumors spread through social media;

Moroccan human rights lawyer Abdelilah El-Khodary said that “the Ministry of Health takes the issue of the virus very seriously, as there is a concrete” central “mobilization at the level of some university hospitals,” before asking, “But is what the ministry is doing sufficient or not enough?”

The head of the Moroccan Center for Human Rights added that “the epidemic may not yet have reached Morocco so that we can test the ability of the ministry or the national health system to cope with the epidemic,” noting that “the Corona virus is close to becoming a global epidemic, and our door may be knocked on the eastern side.”

Al-Khudari stressed that “the Moroccan community is present in all parts of the world, especially those that have known the spread of the virus, such as China, which is a country that attracts merchants and students, or Italy that attracts migrant workers, or Iran, which is the shrine of the Shiite sects”, and added: “Morocco is not in Away from the epidemic, the precautionary measures that the Ministry of Health is currently taking need to confirm its efficacy and its ability to protect the country from viral penetration.

“The Ministry of Health does not have a stick of Moses to confront the deadly virus, which the most powerful countries have not been able to overcome,” he said, calling for “more mobilization and caution, with a focus on disseminating media programs concerned with sensitizing to preventive measures and optimal methods for first aid.”

Al-Juroufi himself described the situation as “dangerous”, which “takes on a great political character, which requires the concerted efforts of all institutions, and not only the Ministry of Health, which is already suffering from a weak budget allocated to it, as public health services define a continuous deterioration in all parts of the country.”

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The speaker emphasized that betting on the ability of the Ministry of Health to confront the virus is difficult to adopt, unless a decision is issued to increase the budget allocated to confront the epidemic, with the need for coordination with countries and institutions that have the ability to respond to the epidemic.

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