Laboratory analyzes rule out 17 cases of corona virus in Morocco

The Ministry of Health has reported that, to date, 17 potential cases of the new Corona virus have been registered, but that it is “free of this virus.”

According to a communication to the Ministry of Health that, in the framework of the system of vigilance and epidemiological monitoring, and in implementation of its transparent communication policy, the ministry ends with the knowledge of public opinion, that up to the hour, “17 potential cases of the new Corona virus have been recorded, and it was found after laboratory tests were made that they were free of this virus.” .

In response to some of the rumors being circulated on some websites, the Ministry of Health confirms that Morocco “has not registered any case of the emerging coronavirus virus.”

The report appealed to citizens, citizens and the media, as well as all those involved not to be drawn into the rumors associated with the emerging Corona virus and promote it, stressing that all information related to the national epidemiological situation is announced through the competent authorities.

Hafeez Al-Zuhri, an adviser to the Minister of Health, said earlier that “the information that has been circulated regarding the infection of a student studying at the International University in Rabat with Corona virus is incorrect.”

Al-Zuhri added, in a clarification seen by the online newspaper, Hespress, that “the student and after the results of tests revealed that he was not infected,” noting that “he had returned to Morocco after a visit to the United States of America, and showed symptoms similar to those that accompany the virus.”

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