Hospitals in Casablanca are content with abstract examination to monitor Corona cases

Hespress – Mohamed Laib

Authorized sources at the University Hospital Ibn Rushd and the Children’s Hospital “Abd al-Rahim al-Harushi” warned that there is no training plan for the medical frameworks of this hospital compound, to prepare it to deal with any case of infection with the “Corona” virus, if it comes to health interests in the place.

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The sources, who preferred to remain anonymous, indicated that there is a complete lack of any logistical equipment to reduce the possibility of infection with the medical frameworks with this virus, while dealing with cases of viral influenza received at the hospital, especially the Children’s Hospital.

And sources of Hespress added: “The university hospital compound does not have any advanced equipment to monitor the temperatures of arrivals remotely, nor does it have protective clothing intended for medical frameworks, which may deal directly with suspected cases of” Corona “.

The sources emphasized that the only possibilities currently available are abstract examination of cases that may be suspected of this epidemic, and some simple equipment such as a thermometer to measure body temperatures, in the absence of any other equipment, even those that require the isolation of those suspected of contracting the virus from other patients who come in hundreds of The various departments of Hospital Complex Hospital Hospitals.

The World Health Organization has released a set of information on how countries prepare for and respond to this virus, including how to monitor patients, test samples, treat patients, control infections in health centers, maintain appropriate supplies and communicate with the public about this new virus.

The World Health Organization recommends adherence to a set of precautionary measures, aimed at reducing exposure and transmission of diseases, including personal hygiene, respiratory hygiene and safe food practices.

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