The ability of hospitals to tackle Corona divides the positions of Moroccan health professionals

Hespress – Muhammad Al-Raji
– 08:00

After the assurances given by the director of the Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Ministry of Health about the readiness of hospital institutions to deal with cases suspected of being infected with the “Corona” virus, the opinions of professionals whom Hespress spoke to about the Kingdom’s hospitals provide sufficient equipment and human resources to confront this virus that is sweeping the world.

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A nurse working in a hospital in the Rabat-Sala-Quneitra region said: “It is possible that the existing laboratories are sufficient to conduct the analyzes, but there was a problem with the capacity of the patients’ capacity,” adding, “Al-Sbeirat Dima Amirin, even in Rabat, which is the capital, and at night, Jaballah, there were many cases Coronavirus Dialysis, Glagacho, Finndero Patients.

The Ministry of Health had confirmed, through the director of the Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control, that the Ministry had provided the hospitals with the necessary equipment and equipment for laboratory diagnostics equipped with the necessary technologies, and had allocated a hall in major hospitals to receive people suspected of being infected with the “Corona” virus.

The opinions of health professionals whom Hespress spoke to from different hospitals varied between those who confirmed the presence of alert inside hospitals and equipped them with equipment to take care of cases of coronavirus infection, in the event of their arrival at the hospital, and those who said that “things are normal and there is no alert”.

A medical source from the University Hospital in Oujda said: “Things are normal when there is no alert, no Wallo, there is only media alert, even though Oujda is close to Algeria, where a case of coronavirus was recorded.”

Other than that, the same source stated that Al-Farabi Hospital in Oujda was equipped with an isolation room to receive cases of Corona virus infection, it was placed under the supervision of frameworks from elements of the Royal Gendarmerie, and special ambulances were allocated to deal with any emergency.

Another source from the nursing staff of the Moulay Abdullah Bessala Hospital, said that the hospital witnessed a great alert, noting that he received, on Thursday, the case of a Moroccan citizen coming from Italy who was suspected of carrying the Corona virus, and underwent all the necessary analyzes, to show that he is healthy.

The source added: “There is strictness in dealing with the subject of the” Corona virus “. The analyzes of the citizen suspected of being infected with this virus delivered him directly to the police, and we have emptied a whole wing that includes ninety beds and is equipped to receive any cases.”

For his part, a source from the Ministry of Health stated that “all public hospitals are equipped with equipment to deal with any case of corona virus infection,” noting that “the Fez Hospital has been assigned a full floor for this purpose.”

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