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Furniture assembly in Morocco

The assembler assembles pieces of furniture, seats, panels, veneers or arrangement elements, according to their assembly plan, within the framework of an industrial production. He or she must respect quality standards, safety rules and delivery times while contributing to the achievement of productivity objectives.

Main activities of furniture assembly

Depending on the size and organization of the company, he or she performs all or part of the following activities:

1. Prepare assembly and mounting

  • Study the work instructions, plans and models provided by the workshop manager
  • Stock up on panels or pieces of wood
  • Adjust the framing machine, clamps or press

2. Assemble the pieces of a piece of furniture or the elements of a set or sub-set using the machine or appropriate tools

  • Nail, screw, staple, glue, join the veneer
  • Assemble by tenon and mortise, pin, connector, etc.
  • Check the quality on leaving the machine
  • Carry out specific operations: assemble according to traditional methods, carry out a blank assembly before adjustment or molding, the installation of sculpture, mounting a prototype …
  • If necessary, cover and install hardware and glazing
  • Prepare the furniture for packaging

3. Maintain your work station

  • Clean your workplace regularly
  • Perform first level maintenance
  • Report any malfunctions and suggest improvements

4. Expected results

  • Quality of parts or furniture, quality of their final appearance
  • Productivity: number of parts assembled on time
  • Good maintenance of machines and work station

Professional to assemble your furniture in Morocco

When you get home after buying new furniture, the last thing you want to do is to struggle for hours trying to put it together. It is not uncommon for what should be a 30 minute job to last for hours and hours. Misunderstanding instructions, Losing vital parts, not having the right tools – we have all been there or we have all hated about this. gives you a way to get around all this stress and frustration all at once by hiring an experienced furniture assembly services at the best price. You can choose and then book a time that fits your schedule. This will take only few minutes.

To assemble your furniture

Conditions for exercising this profession

Autonomy and responsibility

Depending on the size of the company, this position depends on the workshop foreman or a team leader.
Autonomous for the performance of his work, he or she is responsible for the quantity and quality of his production in accordance with the work orders.

Means and resources

Traditional machines and tools for the various assembly operations: framing machine, clamp, press, stapler, screwdriver, hammer, etc. Management of instructions, plans, work orders, and photos of the different models to facilitate assembly.

Internal and external relations

Most often work in a small team.
Internal relations with its team, its workshop manager, shipping or storage, technicians from the design office for models / prototypes; and if necessary the maintenance technicians.
Rare external relations, possibly with external maintenance technicians or deliverers.

Working environment

He or she works in an industrial workshop where the environment requires strict compliance with safety rules and wearing personal protective equipment (safety shoes, gloves, ear muffs, etc.). Still in a standing position, work can require a certain physical endurance depending on the weight of the items to be worn and the sometimes uncomfortable positions.
Schedules are generally posted.

Required Skills

specific skills

Read a plan, comply with work instructions
    View the finished product
    Know the woods or panels, veneers, their characteristics
    Adjust and chock the machine (s)
    Control and adjust supplies
    Use the machine or tools: stapler, screwdriver, etc.
    Demonstrate attention and good reasoning to adapt and quickly resolve small assembly or dressing problems
    Control the quality of parts in accordance with standards, identify faults
    Complete the production documents
    Clean regularly and store tools, models, shims and materials
    Ensure first level maintenance of its tools

Transversal skills

Have a sense of observation and precision for the adjustment of machines and control of parts
    Be versatile and adapt to different techniques
    Demonstrate dexterity, manual skill
    Pay attention to the cleaning of your workstation
    Be careful and precise in your activity
    Respect the safety rules and standards in force
    Ensure the handling of sometimes heavy parts (gestures and postures)

Professional paths

Initial training
Level V training is recommended, such as the CAP or BEP for woodworking: carpenter manufacturer or in seats, cabinetmaking, etc.

Continuing education
Continuing education modules complete the experience: specific assembly techniques, preparation of veneers, etc.
Upon arrival at the company, job adaptation training is necessary. Depending on the person’s skills and experience, it takes between one and six months to be truly operational.

Possible evolution towards the management of industrial equipment, the installation of kitchens, bathrooms, storage, or towards a supervisory position such as team leader.
Possible evolution towards production stations in other industrial or semi-industrial companies.

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