Fes Tanneries & the desert of Morocco Adventure travels recommends to visit

fes tannery

Despite the warnings of the US foreign and British Foreign Ministry of the possibility of terrorist attacks “imminent” in Morocco, the site of “Adventure travels” a world-class travel platform , a specialist in travel and adventure, the repercussions of warnings on the flow of tourists to the Kingdom, highlighting that “the atmosphere in Morocco is stable, It does not look as bad as some other countries in the region like Egypt and Algeria. Experience the Magic of Fez with Our Free Walking Tour!

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Charming desert & unique architecture in Chefchaouen Fez Marrakech

“Morocco is the most visited country in North Africa and one of the most diverse places in the world; it has quiet beaches in the north, a charming desert in the south, and amazing Atlas mountains that give The visitor has a chance to ski, “not to mention” unique architecture in cities like Chefchaouen, Fez or Marrakech. “

Not go to remote areas without a local guide

The same source recommended that mountaineering enthusiasts and mountain lovers not go to remote areas without a local guide, parked at the tragic incident in the southern Morocco of Imlil, where two tourists were cut off. Before visiting any unknown area, the site invites visitors to Morocco to “review Information about these unknown areas “.

Pay attention to some frauds

The international site warned of the occurrence of some tourists to a kind of fraud, and one of the victims:

“We had a very unpleasant experience the first night after our arrival in the old city of Marrakech,” the victim told the international website, “When we got out of the taxi and entered the walls of the old city, a very strange and friendly person approached us. I found out that the hotel was very close and it took less than 5 minutes to walk, but then, when we were about to enter the building, the same advertised directory demanded 50 euros per person for his service “He said.

“At first, we thought it was a joke, but he was angry and said that if we did not pay, a group of his colleagues with knives would wait for us at the hotel.”

The international forum called on tourists not to enter the old city of Marrakesh because it could be “scary, but not dangerous.” “Moroccan food is very tasty, but when it comes to paying, the seller will want to take advantage of strange things.”

The most famous tanneries in Morocco are in Fez

The same source stopped at “the most famous tanneries in Morocco that are in Fez, where you can see for yourself how the skins are prepared and dyed.” It’s a wonderful experience – all done naturally by using incredibly powerful animal and odor waste, “he said, adding that” Buying souvenirs or else being kicked out by shop owners. “

In Marrakesh, the source increases. Madabagh is not reserved for tourists because it is “rough and dirty,” and “to get there, you have to” follow a maze of narrow streets in the old city “, warning local” guides “who walk around and want to collect a lot of money , Calling to “refuse to serve kindly or try to pretend to contact the police.”

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