Corona postpones the dates of sporting and cultural events in Morocco

The National Leadership Committee, created since the announcement of severe respiratory infections caused by the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19), announced on Sunday that it continues to track the epidemiological situation internationally and that additional measures are likely to be taken.

“While recalling that no cases of the disease have been detected in our country, the Committee confirms that it continues to follow the epidemiological situation at the international level, and that additional measures are likely to be taken,” the committee said in a in a press release.

The statement added that these measures mainly relate to “postponing the sporting and cultural events programmed in our country, the abolition of intensive gatherings, and the management of trips to and from countries known to be epidemic”.

Thus, the government calls, from now on, all travelers returning from these countries to avoid frequent places of intensive gatherings, and monitor their temperature on a daily basis for 14 days, and to resort to a health unit as soon as the slightest symptom of the disease appears.

The source added that, in addition to the preventive measures that might be adopted, a “strong contribution” of female citizens and citizens is required, by respecting the general health safety standards that the Ministry of Health urges.

In particular, it is important to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or use antiseptic when necessary, cover the mouth and nose with a single use or bend the elbow when coughing or sneezing, and avoid touching the nose or mouth with the hands before washing them, and avoid direct contact with people with respiratory infections.

Among these measures are also good ventilation of collective places (homes, work spaces, schools, and mosques), postponing unnecessary trips to areas where the emerging “Corona” virus spreads, as well as resorting to the nearest health unit in the event of a fever with respiratory symptoms and informing the doctor about possible conditions of exposure For injury.

Since the announcement of cases of severe acute respiratory infections caused by (Covid-19), a national leadership committee and committees at the provincial and labor levels have been created that include the various departments and departments concerned, with the aim of ensuring coordination of measures to prevent the risk of a new virus outbreak on national soil.

The main measures taken, to date, are to strengthen the national system for epidemiological surveillance and viral diagnostic systems, to identify, prepare, and provide materials for viral confirmation by national reference laboratories, to enhance hospital reception capabilities and to designate a reference hospital in each side of the Kingdom in order to ensure Possible pathogenic cases, as well as establishing health control in international ports and airports and at the level of land entry points, with the aim of early detection of any possible incoming cases and preventing the spread of the virus, if necessary.

On the other hand, a space for the disease has been created on the website and the Ministry of Health accounts on social networks, and an economic phone number “Alo Al-Awakeh – 0801004747” has been allocated for more information about the Corona virus.

Hispress from Rabat
Sunday 01 March 2020 – 19:26

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