Corona virus closes tourism to Chinese

The effects of the “Corona” virus began to appear especially on the tourism sector, as thousands of Chinese tourists canceled their trips to a number of countries, including Morocco, without knowing when things would return to normal in the face of uncertainty. chinese tourists in morocco

Morocco was betting on Chinese tourists, which is an emerging market in the Kingdom, as about 180 thousand Chinese tourists visited Morocco in 2018; a figure that represents a remarkable increase compared to the pre-visa phase, as Morocco received less than 20 thousand Chinese tourists annually, as it was The number is expected to increase during the current year.

The first effect of the spread of the Corona virus is the suspension of the direct flight between Casablanca and Beijing launched by the Royal Airline, which was providing three flights per week linking the Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca and the Beijing Daxin Airport, which was not long before the announcement of its arrest.

The “Bloomberg” agency said that the outbreak of the “Corona” virus prompted dozens of countries and airlines to restrict travel; which led to the isolation of the country with a population of more than 1.3 billion people, and nearly 10,000 trips were canceled since the virus was launched and last January 31, Including Morocco flights.

Statistics show that the average spending of a Chinese tourist is about 867 dirhams per day to stay in Morocco, and this number is much higher compared to other tourists, and the Chinese choose to stay in classified hotels.

The Chinese are more popular with tourist cities, such as Marrakech, Rabat and Agadir, but they still face some problems, such as lack of public toilets and insecurity in some of the old cities and popular neighborhoods that they seek to visit.

China is one of the largest exporters of tourists in the world with about 150 million tourists, and Morocco has succeeded in raising its share in a few years; however, the continued work is necessary to attract the largest number of them.

It is noteworthy that Morocco finally received the Moroccan students in China with royal orders, and they were placed in a hospital until they are assured of their health and not carrying the virus.

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