167 returnees Moroccan students from Wuhan China

167 Moroccans at least , students mostly, were repatriated from China specially from Wuhan city on Sunday by flight Royal Air Maroc accompanied by members from the Moroccan military forces and a medical team.

A number of parents of the two transportation buses, who arrived, on Sunday evening, to the Sidi Said Hospital in Meknes with their children students returning to Morocco from the Chinese city of Wuhan, received pilgrims and “prayers upon the Prophet”, while the mothers shed tears of joy to evacuate their children from the focus of a virus ” Corona the “emerging” outbreak in the Chinese province of Hubei.

Corona virus Morocco

The arrival of the Moroccan students from Benslimane Airport towards the location of their reception in the city of Meknes was secured, as was witnessed by Hespress, through two buses of the new generation, accompanied by a group of ambulances, vehicles and motorcycles belonging to the interests of the Royal Gendarmerie, which sent out and secured the procession that headed towards the Ismaili capital Across the highway.

Morocco corona virus

The process of entering the buses, with 97 passengers on board, including a couple and their children, was taken to Sidi Said Hospital, where they will be subjected to precautionary medical supervision for 20 days, amid intense security and medical reinforcements, as journalists and parents of students have been denied entry to the hospital.
The fathers and mothers of these students had pilgrimages to the hospital door since the early morning, and they raised a sign expressing their thanks to the king for his intervention to bring their children back to the homeland.

Morocco corona virus

An intense presence of medical and nursing teams was seen as she was roaming the hospital square, wearing masks and protective clothing, while medical sources confirmed to Hespress that the necessary examinations were performed on the returning students and taking the necessary samples from them in order to subject them to the necessary analyzes to ensure that they are free from the virus that causes this deadly epidemic. .

To that, the Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Ministry of Health, Mohamed Al-Youbi, confirmed that the plan that was put in place to receive the returning citizens from Wuhan, China, is proceeding as planned with all intervening sectors, from the interests of the ministries of Foreign and Interior and Health, and the interests of military health, and the interests of Royal Gendarmerie.

Corona virus Morocco

In his statement to Hespress, Al-Youbi added that the returnees underwent a preliminary medical examination in Wuhan, and that their journey passed in good conditions during which no health exhibit was recorded, noting that the second examination on the grounds of Benslimane Airport showed that everyone was free of any signs of infection with the “corona virus”. .

The same medical official affirmed that Sidi Said Hospital, which, along with the military hospital in Rabat, was designated to receive the returnees, is ready to provide all the comfort conditions for the concerned citizens throughout their period of medical observation, after it was recently re-configured, restructured and equipped with modern equipment.

Corona virus Morocco

The Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the Ministry of Health explained that two objectives were taken into account in the process of subjecting returning students to medical observation, namely their health, and the safety of their families and the environment as a whole, indicating that the Ministry of Health is fully prepared and fully prepared to deal with any emergency.

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