“Moroccans of Italy” fear a repeat of the Chinese scenario after the “Corona” outbreak

Hespress – Amal Knin

Fear and panic prevail among the Italian citizens in general, and among members of the Moroccan community in Italy in particular, for fear that the Chinese scenario will recur with the spread of the “Corona” virus and be trapped and more victims will fall among them.

Panic and anticipation

According to Hafizah al-Makki, a Moroccan woman residing in Turin, there is a state of panic and anticipation among citizens in general, whether it comes to Italians or Moroccans, saying in a statement to Hespress: “People need to stay in their homes and take the necessary precautions.”

“We hope that the virus does not spread as it did in China,” she added, stressing that “at the present time, schools, universities and even mosques are being closed, while people are resorting to purchasing and storing the necessary materials from the market, and they are also putting masks in places of overcrowding.”

“Imams of mosques are also relied upon to warn citizens, and send voice messages via WhatsApp that include precautions that must be adhered to, such as avoiding kissing when peace, committing distance from others, and avoiding overcrowding,” the spokeswoman said.

Hafida expressed her hope that the situation would not be exploited politically, especially since talk is going on about the fact that migrants are the cause of the transmission of diseases, and expressed fear that the Chinese scenario will recur and expose the country to isolation, noting that the Ministry of Health and National Security in Germany are recruits to reduce the aggravation of the situation.

French apprehension and Moroccan cell

In the same context, some French schools in Paris decided to contact the parents of their students to make sure that their children had spent the last vacation in Italy, and in this case stressed the need to stay at home until 14 days have passed and to ensure their health safety.

Roberto Speranza, the Italian Minister of Health, has announced that schools, offices and sporting activities are being suspended in areas where the Corona virus is prevalent in the country.

For its part, the Moroccan embassy in Italy announced yesterday, Monday, that in order to keep abreast of developments related to the spread of the “Corona” virus in some Italian regions, a tracking cell has been created at the level of the embassy and the centers concerned, in order to monitor the health status of members of the Moroccan community residing in this country and communicate with them with this The matter.

The embassy called on all members of the Moroccan community to adhere to the directives and advice issued by the competent Italian authorities, and to immediately call (1500) when registering symptoms of this disease or any emergency.

Close the borders

In a related context, the health ministers of European Union countries confirmed today, Tuesday, that Italy’s borders with its neighbors are not about to be closed due to fears of the spread of Corona virus from China.

“We now want to clarify the fact that there is no process to close the borders between our countries … It will be disproportionate and ineffective,” French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand said during a crisis meeting with several of his counterparts in the Italian capital, Rome.

In turn, Jens Young, German Minister of Health, noted that “imposing restrictions on flights or even closing the borders will not be an appropriate measure at the present time.”

Corona virus deaths in Italy have risen to 11 cases, according to Angelo Borelli, head of the Civil Defense Authority in Rome, today, Tuesday, while the number of people who have been infected with the virus now stands at 322.

Breath Protective Mask

mask anti virus corona

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