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The Paul house Pastry bakery Restaurant is a French franchise that offers breads, sandwiches and pastries with a varied menu at affordable prices between breakfast, snack, sandwich, coffee break, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and pastries of fame

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The brand is owned by the “Boulangeries Paul” brand of the French agrifood group Groupe Holder, which also owns the Ladurée and Château Blanc pastry brands, an industrial bakery. The network has a worldwide network of more than 770 points of sale

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The services and proposed schedules may vary from point of sale to another. They offer meals on site, take-away or home delivery between breakfast, snack, sandwich, coffee break, lunch,

Paul Casablanca

  • ANFAPLACE MALL 05227-96376 Ferme à 21:00
  • Zevaco Anfa 05223-66000 Ferme à 20:00
  • Palmier 05222-59209 Ferme à 22:00
  • PAUL CIL Casablanca Tel 0520-040402


Paul Mohammedia téléphone 05233-07272
Ferme à mi nuit


  • Agdal 05376-72000 Ferme à 22:00
  • Mahaj Riad 05375-64646 Ferme à 22:00
  • Café Paul Rabat 0661-267248 Ferme à 22:00
  • Prestigia 05377-11720 Ferme à 22:00
  • Marjane Hay Riad 05377-12993 Ferme à 23:00
  • Souissi abel’Gallery 05377-54040 Ferme à 22:00
  • Aswak Assalam Ferme à 23:00
  • Paul Harhoura Témara 0664-319086 Ferme à 22:00


  • John Paul Maroc Marrakech Phone 05244-56600 Ferme à 23:30


  • PAUL Ben Abdallah Fès Phone 05356-26334 Ferme à 22:00


  • PAUL Socco Alto Tanger Socco Alto mall 05393-32672 Ferme à 22:00


  • Station Shell Autoroute Rabat Casablanca Phone 080-8539201 Ferme à 23:00

The brief history of the chain

In 1889, the Mayot family ran a bakery located rue de la Mackellerie in Croix in the Nord department2. In 1908, their son, Edmond Mayot, took over2,3. In 1935, Edmond’s daughter, Suzanne Mayot, married Julien Holder, pastry chef. Together, they opened a bakery in rue des Sarrazins, in the Wazemmes district of Lille. Julien Holder had learned baking at a very young age (at ten or twelve).

In 1953, the Holder family bought the “Maison Paul” brand and its bakery and pastry shop located on Place de Strasbourg in Lille3 (the establishment was named after the founding Paul family who operated the premises4).

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A Paul point of sale in a shopping center in France

In 1958, Julien Holder died. Her son Francis, then aged 17 to 18, returned to the business with his mother2,4. Due to his status as breadwinner, Francis Holder did not fight in the Algerian War, but was sent for his military duties to Nogent-le-Rotrou, in Eure-et-Loir. On his return in 1963, he opened the first Paul agency, boulevard de Belfort, still in Lille, with 10,000 old francs. With the arrival of large-scale distribution in France, it differentiates Nouvelles Galeries, Monoprix, Auchan5. He had bread from these brands delivered, to such an extent that he had to buy back an old flax depot on rue Lemire in La Madeleine to set up his headquarters and his main bread-making site6.

In 1990, a first Paul franchise store opened in Nagoya, Japan. Other franchises then developed abroad: Turkey (1994), Morocco (1998), Netherlands (1999), United Kingdom (2000), Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman (2002-2003), China (2007) 7.8.

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A Paul point of sale in front of the Louvre museum in Paris.

The year 1993 marked the emergence of this concept which makes the identity of this brand of a rustic style with the appearance of a black storefront.

In 2000, Paul signed a contract with Elior to develop the Paul commercial brand in licensed locations: stations, airports, exhibition centers, motorway service areas; in 2014, this represented more than a hundred points of sale in France9.

In 2008, Paul launched the “Mon petit boulanger” operation, which marks the third year of his humanitarian partnership with the Action contre la Faim association and is due to donate € 25,000 to them on this occasion.

In the same year 2008 and for the first time in its history, there were more Paul franchised outlets abroad than in France. By establishing operations in the Czech Republic, Taiwan and Romania. In 2014, the company faced strong competition in France and wanted to react by renovating all distribution points, simplifying its bread ranges or offering fresh sandwiches rather than prepared in advance9.

In 2016, in France, for the sake of the commercial visibility of the country’s bakeries, the bakery and sales endpoints of the Paul network were forced by law to cease using the name “bakery”; their breads and other pastries being manufactured and delivered by a factory in the food industry. The law of 25 May 1998, then in 2016 article L122-17 11 of the consumer code, restricting the use of the name “bakery” now requires the use only of the “Paul” brand and no longer “Boulangerie” Paul ””.

The operation of its cooking terminals and points of sale

The factories of the Holder group manufacture precooked and frozen dough pieces which are delivered to bakery terminals under Paul12 franchises.

Only the largest outlets can be fitted with a cooking terminal, the smaller ones being assigned only to distribution 13 being supplied by a “central workshop” 9.

According to customer requests, frozen precooked dough pieces can be finished baking during the day.

International development

The Paul brand is established in more than 47 countries around the world (America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia) with several hundred stores of different formats.

The different partnerships

In 2014, the brand teamed up with the culinary TV show Top Chef, which aired on the show’s various channels on M6. On this occasion, the Holder group is offering, for a limited time, a sandwich bearing the image of the show14.

Also in 2014, she joined forces with stylist Jean Paul Gaultier and launched a limited edition of “Jean Paul Gaultier” éclairs in the United Kingdom, on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition of her career entitled “Le monde de la mode de Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk ”, of which the Paul brand is a partner.

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